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Beyondedge and IMC Host Successful Learning Leaders Luncheon Across Australia


Beyondedge and Europe’s leading e-learning provider, IMC have just wrapped up a successful e-learning event for 2009.

Learning Leaders’ Luncheon is an annual event designed for both e-learning experts and L&D executives who are advancing their knowledge of this topic. Come and learn how to ensure and improve the effectiveness of your e-learning activities and to enhance your productivity.

You are invited to participate in next year’s lunchtime seminar with IMC and Beyondedge, and your learning and development colleagues. Take advantage of a unique opportunity to bring back a host of new ideas and personal contacts to advance you and your company.

Here are 5 great reasons why you should join us at Learning Leaders’ Luncheon:

•    Re-energise your thoughts about e-learning
•    Find out how e-learning can help to initiate and support an upturn
•    Learn how to optimise your resources when budgets are limited
•    Network with your peers and industry experts
•   Proven success stories and best practices from around the world

Stay tuned for event details and dates for 2010.
We look forward to meeting you at Learning Leaders’ Luncheon 2010.

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