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Beyondedge teams up with IMC to push expansion into Asia-Pacific

Sydney, 28 October 2009 – German company IMC signed a partnership deal with Beyondedge as it expands into South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. The Gold Coast-based Beyondedge will now be IMC’s partner and provider of e-learning content development in the South East Asia-Pacific region.

IMC, which was recently rated by technology researcher Gartner as among the world’s best in its field, is a full service provider for advanced learning solutions. The company covers the entire process from initial consultations through to implementation and ongoing maintenance. Beyondedge Executive Producer, Duy Huynh said representatives of the two companies had first met at an international trade fair in 2006 and had maintained a strong relationship since. Mr Huynh said that IMC, as part of its plan to expand into Asia Pacific, has launched its regional office in Australia earlier this year and has decided to engage Beyondedge as its production arm instead of setting up its own local content development team.

“The two companies fit very well together in a partnership because our value propositions are complementary,’’ said Mr Huynh. “IMC provides software and services for the deployment and management of e-learning systems for both SME and large companies while Beyondedge can provide the required content services,’’ said Mr Huynh.

“In the South East Asia-Pacific region, IMC has determined that it will make greater gains by leveraging local expertise when it comes to content development rather than establish new production capability,” says Stefanie Klein, IMC Regional Director. “This is different to our approach in other parts of the world where we have set-up our own content development teams as part of our full service approach.  However, when we saw the quality of work coming from Beyondedge, we decided to work with them instead.”
“We are extremely impressed with the quality of their productions. What impressed us most is that in all their productions they create a fusion of powerful online technologies with compelling film components and an engaging interactive instructional design.”

IMC now has more than 500 businesses, governments and educational institutions as clients in 25 countries throughout the world. More than three million people are using IMC’s online learning products.

Beyondedge specialises in creating online training materials which clients have found cost less money than running ongoing face-to-face programs, allow for greater retention of knowledge by staff, remove the need to scheduled training sessions and provide on-demand information.

The company focuses its efforts on helping the training needs of large organisations including the likes of Coca Cola, Westpac and Queensland Government. The company has recently expanded into larger office and studio facilities at Helensvale, between Brisbane the Gold Coast, as it prepared for the start of its partnership with IMC.

24 December 2009 at 3:36 pm by Omar
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