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About Beyondedge.

since 2001


Beyondedge is an award winning producer of eLearning content.


The world can be a noisy place.

Before we can engage our learners we need to know what motivates them, what they're interested in and how to position content in a way that works for them. 

Beyondedge helps you cut through the noise and make learning an essential business driver. We take on the hard projects, the large-scale changes, the sensitive, nuanced, complex or critical jobs; the ones that need a deep dive.


We understand that information is no longer power and that true learning happens in the hearts and minds of learners afterwards.  We know that to affect learning we must trust and respect the learner. 


We know that to create real impact, we must listen, learn and deeply understand before we can make a difference.


We believe technology is a pathway and not the solution in itself.


We believe that originality and innovation is more important than getting more projects or making more money. 


We don’t have clients, we have trusted collaborators with whom we share our passions, thoughts, creativity, hopes, fears and achievements. 


Beyondedge is a digital media production firm with a strong focus on video production, online communications and eLearning development.  We build custom communication and learning campaigns that integrate video with interactive media to create compelling, engaging and highly effective learning outcomes for our Government and Corporate clients.  Beyondedge has been instrumental in assisting these clients in developing a culture of learning and innovation.

With a strong background in IT/Web and Film/TV production, Beyondedge creates engaging interactive media that makes the most of from these two worlds. Add to that, the expertise of our strategists, instructional designers, writers, producers, production crew, creative and technical teams; all focused on achieving excellence in communication and learning outcomes. Central to all of this is strong project management to ensure your project is delivered on time, on budget and beyond expectation

eLearning video production

Since 2001, we have continued to refine our development standards and improve the overall experience for learners. Our programs are created for high impact, but at the same time, optimised for fast loading and bandwidth efficiency. This ensures learners receive the best possible experience with minimal load times. 

Beyondedge has a strong history and proven track record of delivering many successful digital media and eLearning projects across multiple industries in Australia and across the world. Beyondedge sits on a number of preferred supplied lists delivering quality, value for money digital media, online communication and eLearning content that exceeds clients expectations and delivers exceptional learning outcomes.

eLearning video production

Due to our background in film & television production, and multimedia authoring, we have evolved to specialise in human interaction, cultural change, and behavioural change. We are generally selected to produce programs that have been difficult for organisations to implement in the past. Our knowledge of creating deeply affecting interactive experiences that drive business results have been the hallmark of our achievements for example; with one of our clients where cultural change around commercial skills for staff had been a decade long challenge with many programs not meeting the mark in terms of business benefit. When Beyondedge was engaged to take a look at this situation we set up focus groups, conducted deep dive analysis of current human interactions, barriers to change, and collaborated progressively with subject matter experts and executive level stakeholders to produce an interactive experience that has for the first time generated organisation wide learner engagement. 

Beyondedge has a very strong film and television background and has a proven track record in conducting high quality video shoots. Beyondedge is experienced in both studio and on location shoot environments and has produced many types of video productions including Corporate Video, Training Videos, TVC, Film, Communication Video and Online Media. Beyondedge is well known amongst it’s client base as the “go to” agency for video rich media development. Beyondedge maintains an inventory of video production equipment including Video Cameras, DSLRs, Audio and Lighting equipment. 

In every one of our projects there is awareness that we are building programs for a specific audience and better intelligence around the learner and producing targeted interactive experiences (rather than eLearning). This achieves the highest user acceptance and therefore engagement and business benefit.

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eLearning video production
eLearning video production
eLearning video production
eLearning video production
eLearning video production
eLearning video production
eLearning video production
eLearning video production
eLearning video production
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