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THE JUNCTION is a contained, science fiction drama set in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales. It’s a complex and emotional story, combining a high-concept premise with a grounded, authentic exploration of love, death and grief. (in development)

Format: Feature film co-pro with Magic Hour, (private equity & distribution rights available)


Positive psychotherapist Marie McLeod takes on 7 volunteers with mental health struggle on a transformative journey to learn the secret formula to happiness.

Format: 96 min Feature Documentary, (completed -worldwide rights available), watch here.

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Forty years on from escaping Vietnam as a little boy, Duy Huynh finds out what really happened that night, how his family became boat people and how the asylum seeker rhetoric lands on a people who’ve contributed so much to Australia’s cultural and economic landscape.

Format: Short Documentary, (in Development)

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Sarah is a sexual health nurse who returns to the clinic after 3 months leave with an existential crisis and an unhappy relationship to find a collection colleagues as dysfunctional and endearing as her.


Format: Television series, produced by Aetios for CBC Canada. Watch it here.

Beyondedge credited as creators, sales and format rights available via AETIOS


After years of estrangement, trans woman Davina Savage returns home for Christmas with her new boyfriend. Expecting her transition to be the focus, it's instead overshadowed by family secrets and lies which threaten not only their lives - but another Christmas lunch.


Format: 93 min Feature, produced by MadDan. Watch it here.

Beyondedge credited as executive producers


The dysfunctional staff of a sexual health clinic can handle the hypochondriacs and sexual misfits they have to treat; they just can't keep their own relationships on track.


Format: 6 x 10 min Web-series, produced by Beyondedge & MadDan. Watch it here.

Series rights available via AETIOS 

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