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What is appropriate workplace behaviour? 

As an organisation you’re responsible for your workers’ behaviour. You’re also personally responsible if that behaviour leads to harm. Teaching appropriate behaviour is a challenge for many organisations. One person’s interpretation of behaviour can be different to another’s. That’s why Beyondedge has developed this award winning eLearning program featuring clear legal definitions with accompanying role plays and scenarios to clearly illustrate what is acceptable and not acceptable behaviour.

How is this training delivered?

A “worker module” and “manager (PCBU) module” is available to ensure staff and managers are aware of their responsibilities. This is a cutting-edge online course delivering a highly engaging, interactive and concise overview of the workplace behaviour legislation and how to ensure your workers and managers not only comply, but deeply understand the legislation and its expectations.

The course is offered as a SCORM packet to be uploaded into your learning management system; or a hosted solution can be provided upon request. 

Employee and manager modules cover:

  • Discrimination,

  • Sexual Harassment,

  • Vilification,

  • Bullying,

  • Occupational Violence,

  • Victimisation, and

  • Employee Grievance Resolution Process


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